Your home is personal.

Meaningful moments unfold at home. Well designed spaces make being at home a better experience. 

How do we begin? 

  • Discovery: At our first meeting we review your project scope and what you want to achieve. Budget is discussed along with project expectations. We both have the opportunity to experience our communication and working chemistry and get to know each other.

  • Letter of Agreement: This document further details the design process, scope of work, and compensation. Upon agreement to work together your spaces and site will be documented for design plan development (photographs, measurements, inventory of existing pieces).

  • Design Plan Development: Design concepts include space planning and selection of furniture, lighting, materials, flooring, window treatments, accessories, and such.  Proposed floor plans are presented using scaled CAD renderings. A budget outline accompanies the plan. Design plans are refined with client input until final approval.  


Living Room Inspiration

  • Procurement & Installation: Once the design plan is approved final specifications are prepared for ordering. Installation by professionals ensures every detail is complete and in order. Your finished spaces will feel refreshingly updated, comfortably classic, and personally satisfying.

lr inspoa.png
Bishop LR Cropped Ceiling.jpg